Monday, May 4, 2009

Blow The Fire

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ზოგჯერ ისეთი კარი იღება, და თან ისეთ ადგილას, რომ განცვიფრებას აზრი ეკარგება...


Buddhuza said...

Lyrics by Tebro

I'm the wind, you're the fire,
I'm the one that you desire,
I tell the truth, you're the liar,
You burn it all that you acquire.

When you're on, you shine out,
You're so hot, just cry out,
But when your flashes all burn out,
You turn to ashes and fade out.

I tell the truth without bias,
I blow for fun and just for trial,
I like to play, I’m not reliable,
I follow rule - I'm not liable.

When I come through ways and wires,
Just get it all and make me tired,
Love to love and get inspired,
Take it all till I'm fired.

Blow the fire...

Khatia said...

samsaxurshic gismen ;)